Covert influence techniques to cold approach pickup women.

Gunwitch Method


Allen Reyes here also known as “Gunwitch” on the former fastseduction forums. The writer of what started being called the Gunwitch Method written/compiled around 1999-2000 in the beginnings of the “pickup community”.

Gunwitch Method








When I originally wrote the method many of the techniques and skills were lacking from every other pickup artists toolbag, I wasn’t trying to sell anything or get any notoriety. I was shouting from the rooftops what I had found that was working for me in field to get laid. It was true empathy for the maybe 500-1000 guys grasping in the dark right along with me. I never charged for it even.  The work vastly improved the success rate of anyone who applied it to their time with women. It’s always been free and has been translated in to German, Russian, French, Spanish and a few other languages I can’t confirm.

The deceptive way women are conditioned to think and act about sex, and using that to advantage, as well as playing with mirror neurons as a way to covertly influence was for its time revolutionary and in some cases ahead of science. Necessity is the mother of invention and it was in my mind and many others at the time a DAMN BIG NECESSITY! It probably is for you right now too, or you wouldn’t be looking in to this stuff.

Now many of those skills, are par for the course in a hundred different clones and rehashes of the early pickup methods. Some of those conditioning in women are even changing it has been so long! Tinder has changed a lot of things too (article coming soon on that worth checking back for!) when it comes to cold approach pickup, as strange as that might sound.

So just a caveat, the original text is sort of “standard” now for pickup material. HOWEVER I have included new notes as of 2017 in the free method linked below. Things have changed since 2001 so I put some italic notes throughout.

You can go read Gunwitch Method, the free famous old text that changed the pickup community of the time, and if you are new to all of this probably get a LOT out of it. However if you are intermediate or advanced in the game you can get the most current and powerful methods available today all in one place in a coherent system….


Check out the much more advanced updated material!









Gunwitch Method for 2017


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